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Welcome to my blog. I want to do a couple of things with it. First, the primary purpose is to post articles that will keep you up to date on some of the biggest energy news of the day. This won’t be comprehensive, but I hope it will be interesting! Secondly, I will be providing commentary here. The commentary may be on an article, topics of interest, or anything that grabs my attention. I hope I can provide insights that will assist you whether you are a client are not.


Obviously, there are some items that are going to show up more often than not. Climate change is on the top of that list. I am an unapologetic believer that climate change is real and caused by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. I also believe that we can combat climate change through practical and pragmatic solutions that combine the best of government involvement and private enterprise. We have always been good at solving problems and finding ways for business to continue to thrive and expand. If we do nothing, the economic consequences of climate change will be greater than our economy can handle. There are solutions out there, we just need to recognize the problem and take an approach that allows all stakeholders to succeed.


I’ll talk about EPA rules like 111(d). This is the rule that restricts greenhouse gases from existing power plants. It is still in development and the rule will change, but for all the panic, it appears to be relatively flexible. I would note that the rule is less restrictive than one that was outlined by Senator and then Presidential Nominee John McCain in 2008. There are valid criticisms of the rule and things that need to change, but overall, if we can get beyond party politics, the issue can and should be addressed.


These topics and others like transmission, the water-energy nexus, renewable generation, and energy efficiency will be discussed here. As I said, I want to spark honest and open discussion on these topics as we search for workable solutions.

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