• Monitor major Public Service Commission cases and provide updates as needed
  • Asses case impact on your company and provide strategic direction for action in each case
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders such as Public Service Commission Commissioners, Staff, Utilities, Industrial Interveners, Consumer Counsel, and State Energy Offices.
  • Monitor and participate in major rulemakings that impact your company
  • Assist in building relationships with key members of the your General Assembly and Federal delegation.
  • Assist in developing broader strategic plan, including potential acquisitions or other business opportunities
  • Assist in developing specific strategies for increased investment in energy efficiency, lighting and combined heat and power
  • Provide Expert testimony in rate cases and rulemakings


  • Monitor and oversee external litigation, including drafting any needed Legal Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications
  • Review all external litigation bills for efficiencies and possible savings
  • Assist in drafting legislative language as needed
  • Assist in identifying and mitigating legal business risk
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